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sHOME: Smart Home, Office and Meeting Environment

What are smart environments?

Smart environments are sensor equipped areas that gather information about their environment in order to support the people working and living in this area. For example they collect information about
  • the number of persons in the room
  • the identity of the persons
  • mood of the persons
  • spoken sentences
  • gestures
  • room temperature and much more...
Smart environments communicate with the user by written text and spoken language. They also could interact with technical devices like television and radiators.

Our project sHOME

We equipped one room with cameras, headset microphones, loud speakers, a beamer for a video wall and a computer workstation.

floor plan of our sHOME area

sHOME uses some state-of-the-art techniques to gather and combine information about the current situation. Any information is translated into semantic content.

Click here to watch a example video.

More information about sHOME

An system overview is given in the following paper:
Sensor-based Situated, Individualized, and Personalized Interaction in Smart Environments.
S. Hämmerle, M. Wimmer, B. Radig, M. Beetz. Workshop für Situierung, Individualisierung und Personalisierung, 35. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik (INFORMATIK 2005). S. 261-265, Bonn, Sep. 2005. In A. B. Cremers et al. (eds.): Informatik 2005, LNI Proceedings, Volume P-67, Band 1.

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